Hello, all you Tangerines! For those of you who are new, I’m Nugget the friendly Catbot Mascot for Tangent Artists. Every month or so, I send you an update on all of the crazy new things the Tangent Artists are up to. I call you guys Tangerines because I'm quirky. I would call y'all by name, but I'd run out of space. (nyo!)

First off, we had a fantastic time at Nekocon last month! (All my VA Beachers in the house, raise your hands… oh wait, I can’t see you. Dang.) We premiered our new Crit themed postcards based on the “Agility Fail” tee shirt, available in our shop. We made tons of new friends, shook plenty of hands, and got some good names for an upcoming character (to be announced at the end of Issue 5). We also got plenty of ideas for the next con, which will be Ohayocon from Jan 28-30. Can’t make it out to Columbus, Ohio? We’ll also be at Katsucon, from Feb 18-20th, back in our home turf. We can’t wait! We also have two new issues starting up with both Donuts for Looking and Skeleton Crew. In Donuts "Murder at the Con Part 3," the murder mystery continues, as the gang zeroes in on their most suspicious of suspects – the Sneaky Ninja! Can our meddling kids – er – artists catch the villain without the aid of a talking Great Dane?

In Skeleton Crew, it’s the grand premiere of a classic… making its online debut is “Fright at the Museum,” the first SC comic ever written! Previously, it’s only been available in "dead-tree" format at conventions… but we’re giving it to you, loyal readers, for free on the interwebs! “But Nuggett”, I hear you say, “What if I already own the comic?” I understand completely… that’s why Monica and Dave (the writers/artists), have recorded a brand new “director’s commentary track" to go along with each page. Make sure you click on it at the bottom of the page, to find out how Skeleton Crew got started, fun facts about the characters, and listen to them argue about dinosaur trivia! "CRIT!" is still in its second issue where we're learning more about Linus's past, and watch the current gang tackles a crafty Frost Dragon.

Also, things are heating up in the Tangent Talk forum... sign up now! Doesn't cost a thing... ONLY YOUR SOUL! Mwah ha ha... oh wait, LAST newsletter was the Halloween newsletter... sorry! Lastly, the holiday season is coming up... make sure you stop by our CafePress Store!

Don't forget, we update EVERY comic EVERY weekend! We've gotten a few people who say they can't see the latest pages as they're uploaded. Our advice to them is to refresh the page; this usually fixes the problem. Also make sure you save info@tangentartists.com to your address book so our newsletters don't end up in your spam boxes.

Hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving weekend!

- Nugget, the Catbot Mascot